You Haven’t Lived Until Cayoning!

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Arrival: We got to Lucerne quite late. It was the longest one of the trip, but it really wasn’t too terrible. I found that it flew by. When we arrived I thought it was like 2pm and turned out it was 8pm. It doesn’t get dark in any of these countries till at least 10pm, so it’s easy to mistake the time. Lucerne’s hotel was our most interesting. It was a remodeled jail cell. This was their USP (unique selling point), because other than the fact you were sleeping in what was once a jail cell.  Putting 3 people in a cell for probably 1 person with our huge suitcases was quite cramped. Also, we had to climb 3 flights of stairs with our impractically heavy suitcases.

Once we tackled the move in for 2 nights, I went for a run. Lucerne was deliciously pretty! There was a river that ran through the middle of town, a huge lake that had more swans on it than one could imagine, and the architecture of the buildings was so quaint. Tomorrow we were taking the train to Alpanch Dorf for Cayoning Chli Schilere, which is a mountain in the Swiss Alps. It was probably one of the best experiences in my entire life. But during my run, I found the train station and took photos of the scenery.

The LA girls and I went to a pub on the water for dinner, and I maybe had one of the best burgers I have every eaten. One thing about Lucerne or maybe even all of Switzerland, it is expensive! So dinner cost a pretty penny, but like I told the table. I don’t mind spending the money if the food is mouth-watering. We met up with some of the others from the group, and we just hung out on the river and chatted. Some went out, but because we were going cayoning the next morning I decided against it.


Day #1: CAYONING! The company that I found online was based in Interlaken, but luckily the mountain range we were going too was closer to lucerne. It was only a 30 minute train ride, and not riding from Interlaken actually saved us some money. We signed up for the 3-4 hour cayoning trip in Chli Schilere. 5 of us from the group went.

–       Maggie: who said this trip was conquering all of her fears

–       Katie: who doesn’t really do things like this, but had a blast even though she got a huge bruise

–       Peter: what guy wouldn’t want to go on this

–       Barbie: who like me loves adventurous things

–       Me: I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.

We arrived and met our guides, Mundo and Matt, who were both heart crushingly gorgeous. Along in our group were a business group, whose boss paid for all of them to go, and a few couples that were vacationing. One guy from the business group was petrified! There were a few times were he had to be repelled down instead of jumping off the cliff.

Oh yeah! For those who don’t know what cayoning is: Basically, you are climbing through caves within the mountain, sliding down waterfalls/rapids, jumping off cliffs into pools of waters, and repelling/scaling mountain sides.

The company had all the equipment for us. I must say they were very prepared, and they knew exactly what they were doing. Instead of learning all of our names, we had helmet names. Mine was Storm. Barbie was Playboy. Maggie was Cockles. Peter was J-Wow. And Katie was Mystique. We were always the first 5 to go, and out of our group. I jumped first! Barbie second, Maggie and Katie rotated 3rd and 4th, and Peter brought up the rear. The guides also were filming the entire thing, so Maggie, Barbie and I all bought our personal DVDs. Like I said earlier this was the one of the best experiences of my life. If you have time, you have to go cayoning! Don’t pass it up! It is just such a unique experience, and I am very thankful that I was fortunate enough to be able to experience it. Once I have the video I will upload it to YouTube and link it here so that yall can see it.

The rest of the day was quite boring compared to this. We ate lunch, I went for a run, and then we had a chill night in the hotel preparing for our next drive to Florence.



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