25 days… 10 cities … 8 countries… 6 languages: Europe Panorama

When it came to figuring out how I wanted to spend my summer, I was lost. I understood that I would be studying through the beginning of the summer till June 11 for my LSAT, so I decided I needed to have something planned for after the LSAT. And I can now say thank GOD because that test was miserable!

With a mother who has always pushed us to travel and experience life, joining one of my best friends, Maggie, on the EF College Break Europe Panorama trip wouldn’t be too difficult to swing. But my dad is a different story. I called my mom the next day thinking this was a lost cause, but she pulled her Beth-like magic and convinced my father to support my desire.

I found this trip interesting, because it’s unique. In 25 days, I will be traveling to 10 cities through 8 countries with a vast difference in not only language but culture, architecture and experiences. I believe it is a wonderful opportunity, and I am extremely grateful to my parents for allowing me to go.

So in order to document and share my adventures, I plan on continuing to blog (not daily), but whenever I have the opportunity. I want everyone who is either sitting in school or at work to obtain some satisfaction from my post and hopefully live through me! So subscribe to the blog in the right column, and it will send you email updates for when I post.

Have a fabulous day!

Also I would love to here some pointers of places to go in any of the stops that we make (Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Lucerne, Florence, Monte-Carlo, Barcelona). So please leave comments below in the thought box!


3 thoughts on “25 days… 10 cities … 8 countries… 6 languages: Europe Panorama

  1. Camille- Be safe, enjoy life, laugh, have fun. Experience the uniqueness of each place you visit. Take with you the memories of the sights, smells, music and good food from each city and leave them with your kind words, good humor and beautiful smile. We love you bunches!! Mom

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