And that is all folks

The End. El fin. Die Ende. Sfarsit.

We have reached the finish line. We at Rouge Public Relations set our goals, accomplished them and even had a little fun doing it. It definitely was a trek (pun intended). I have spent more than a hundred hours on executing our mini-campaign, and I am thankful for the assignment and its completion. I have learned so much information that will allow me to excel in my classes to follow.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

-Henry Ford

My group had its ups and downs, but I think that each of us is satisfied with the direction our mini-campaign went. I, especially, believe that SCVNGR is a great application for BREC and has much potential within its organization.

We targeted mothers with children still in the home and college students because of BREC’s influences and our close tie with students at LSU.

We themed our mini-campaign by creating the uniformed statement, “Make Ur Mark,” and accompanying it with a footprint.  We wanted to encourage viewers to engage and document their activities by using SCVNGR to make their mark.

We employed various tactics to promote the trek cost-efficiently for BREC. We created a chalk advertisement, flier, announcement news release, media kit, social media release, how-to-video, website plan and newsletter.

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We placed chalk advertisements at the entrances at most of the parks to guerrilla market the trek throughout BREC’s facilities.

We posted fliers inside the parks to promote to current visitors and also around LSU’s campus to advertise to the college community.

Our newsletter was created to be sent to subscribers to BREC’s emails. We wanted to inform these members of the new activity. We were hopeful that they would engage in the application.

Our announcement news release and media kit were planned to serve journalists and newspapers in their articles to ultimately be written about and distributed to the Baton Rouge community.

We sent our social media release to local collegiate tweeters to spread awareness of our mini-campaign, and also to Baton Rouge mommy bloggers to promote this new activity at BREC’s facilities.

Our how-to-video was created to be placed on BREC’s YouTube page to promote the trek.

The website plan we created was to become a link on BREC’s website to provide more information about the trek.

This mini-campaign was a journey, an adventure and a right of passage. It has prepared me for my Spring 2013 campaign class that will not only be twice as large but also hopefully will impact twice as many people. My head is already buzzing with ideas of whom to pitch to. I am hopeful that I will retain all the knowledge I have consumed during this course.

My tips to future students in this course, MC 4001:

  • Complete your assignments before class. It makes life much easier because you will be editing to the teachers specification instead of creating and editing; moreover, the assignments always take more time than you would assume.
  • Follow the teacher’s directive exactly. Read your rubrics! The minor point losses can be the difference between receiving an A or B grade.
  • Read everything. I know it’s a ton of reading, but don’t scan it just to pass a quiz. Annotate the readings so when you have assignments, its quick and easy to complete because you already have a basis on how to accomplish them.
  • If you’re an account liaison, delegate. Don’t try to complete everything that the project entails alone. Trust your classmates.
  • Finally, have fun. I know it’s so much work, but it truly is worth it. “If you don’t educate yourself, you will never learn.” Everything we completed in this class can be used to promote yourself, include in your portfolio or enhance your network. You are forced to take the course. Why not enjoy it and squeeze out every ounce of worth it has.

Be optimistic. Be willing to learn. Be understanding toward your teacher. Be yourself.

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