The PR class that changed my habit

It is sad to say that I am about to enter my senior year of college, and it has just now clicked.

I can pull from each of my classes whether they are core or not to enhance my abilities and skills in not only other classes but also in life.  

I am unsure if I am a late bloomer, but for some reason this week I had the epiphany. I believe that I have my public relations writing course, service-learning class to thank. It forced me into reality. Through this course, I have polished:

  • My organizational skills.
  • My decision-making procedures.
  • My social media techniques.
  • My overall scope of life.

I have transformed from the last-minute procrastinator into a well-prepared professional, and it is about time.

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting the different results” ~ Albert Einstein.

Einstein is exactly right. I continually procrastinated expecting to have better results, but never obtained anything close.

My secret to anti-procrastination:

One cannot procrastinate with quick deadlines and real clients. Not only are the things each of us complete a grade, but they matter to an actual business. It places participation and professionalism in a new level.

Also, Dr. Jensen Moore’s teaching style forced us to be self-reliant. She gave all the necessary information we needed to complete assignments, but she didn’t spoon feed it to us. This allowed us to investigate and gain our own knowledge without just relying on strict memorization.

The change in outlook:

PR cases class: We are currently reviewing crisis management, and our professor, Ashley Berthelot, arranged for Kristine Calongne, the director of media relations for LSU Office of Communication and University Relations, to speak to our class concerning crisis communication. Most students sat and listened to her speech, but I had connected that the information she was telling us would be very helpful when it came to producing a possible crisis plan for a deliverable for BREC. She gave us three tips on handling crises:

  1. Always be honest: Never lie or try to cover up. Get the bad news over with so one can talk about recovery.
  2. Good PR cannot fix bad policy: It is our jobs to counsel for changing the bad policies in attempt to stop crises before they occur.
  3. Do the right thing: If you always do the right things then there is no need for cover ups or spin.

It wasn’t until this service-learning class that I began to realize the value in my lessons. I usually attend class, take notes and memorize them to obtain the A, and then forget the information once I took my test. But, during this class I realized that when my professors spoke of presentations, management, communication, social media, I found myself more intensely intrigued. My notes became denser, and my understandings of lessons increased. This service-learning class has made me a better student, professional and citizen.

This public relations writing course at LSU is a great course to take that has given me the abilities to accomplish any hurdles adequately, the opportunity to work with a wonderful real-life client and the experience to enhance my career goals.

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