Rolling out our mini campaign with BREC

SCVNGR within BREC (update)

Friday, March 23, Rouge Public Relations will be meeting with BREC’s Director of Communications Kristi Williams to review our plan for the treks and the deliverables.

With our treks pretty much designed and awaiting affirmation at Friday’s meeting, Rouge Public Relations now must begin creating our deliverables. These deliverables will coincide with the treks to promote our mini campaign. Rouge Public Relations wants to implement deliverables that will reach a significant amount of people and create a large amount of interaction. With today’s society being very much technologically savvy and having strong social networking ties, Rouge Public Relations absolutely will exploit these opportunities. The deliverables that we are considering are:

  • News Release: We want to send out an announcement of the use of SCVNGR within BREC. We will also include where to find more information, along with a simple explanation of how SCVNGR is being used within BREC.
  • Social Media Release: This will be sent out to local bloggers to expand the awareness of SCVNGR within BREC. We will focus on exercise, health-oriented bloggers, along with any mother bloggers we can find. Also, we are hopeful that our social media release will allow tweeters and Facebook fans to divulge into the information to either engage in the application or to spread word.
  • Advertisement (TV, radio, print): Through many outlets we are hopeful that our uniform advertisement will be played free of charge. We want to make an advertisement that is attractable and interesting. These ads will tie in with our guerrilla marketing.
  • PSA: Our PSA will coincide with advertisements and flyers to further the awareness of the SCVNGR within BREC mini campaign.
  • Media Kit: We want to have a packet of information for journalists or bloggers to find information regarding our mini campaign.
  • Web Site Plan: By implementing a purely SCVNGR within BREC, this will give users an exact source for information. We believe it will create a better
  • Event Plan: BREC’s facilities hold many events, and we are hopeful that we can instill SCVNGR within BREC at these events and explain the how to’s around our mini campaign.
  • Flyer: This will go along with our advertisement. We want to place flyers around each BREC’s facilities where treks are present and around Louisiana State University

The types of media that we plan to focus on are:

All of our deliverables will have a coherent rememberable theme to help remind viewers of the mini campaign. By implementing these deliverables, we are hopeful that SCVNGR within BREC will become a massive success where BREC’s users will document their activities and new comers will see different ways to engage in BREC’s facilities.

Your Opinions:

Do you have any suggestions for our deliverables? Do you like them or think they will work?

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Please let me know your thoughts!

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