Our journey begins as Rouge Public Relations works with BREC

Last Wednesday, Rouge Public Relations signed a letter of agreement with BREC to begin a mini-campaign utilizing the SCVNGR application within BREC’s facilities.

We were delighted that BREC agreed with us in seizing this one-time, free opportunity to enhance the engagement of people in BREC’s facilities. We believe that SCVNGR can document the ways each person uses the many facilities that BREC offers and can persuade people to explore more than their usual facility and branch into other facilities.

We have three objectives for our mini-campaign:

  1. Introduce current users of BREC to the SCVNGR application
  2. Bring current users of SCVNGR to BREC to engage and interact within the facilities
  3. Promote SCVNGR within BREC to the Baton Rouge community

The BREC facilities that we are focusing are:

  • City-Brooks Community Park(154.43 acres) : It is a family-oriented park with a wide variety of activities like golfing, fishing, swimming, meditating and tennis. It, also, houses the quite popular Raising Canes Dog Park.  Our plan is to instill guerrilla marketing at this park with flyers to promote the start of using the SCVNGR application.
  • Perkins Road Community Park (52.2 acres): It is, also, known as BREC’s “Extreme Sports Park.” Like City-Brooks Community Park, Perkins Road has extreme activities like BMX biking, rock climbing, sand volleyball and the Velodrome. Do you agree that it is an interesting potential trek would be to ask participants to record their times after completing four laps around the Velodrome?
  • Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center (102.75 acres):  We believe that drawing attention to this park is very important because it is dedicated to conservation, education, recreation and tourism. This park has beautiful landscapes.
  • Greenwood Community Park (390 acres): We want to bring people to this fairly new park. On it has an 18-acre lake that allows kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boating. It is a stocked lake with great fishing. Because its location is about 25 minutes from Louisiana State University, we are hopeful that people will want to explore this entertaining park and gain the large number of points to lead users to the ultimate reward.

Within these parks, we will be creating interesting treks that will enhance the engagement of users in BREC’s facilities. Along with the treks, we will also be creating promotions to spread the awareness of SCVNGR within BREC.

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Please let me know your thoughts!

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