SCVNGR grant to help nonprofit organizations

This semester to my exciting surprise, my public relation writing class and I were informed that we would be participating in a SCVNGR grant. This grant will allow us to work alongside a nonprofit organization to promote SCVNGR while also promoting and persuading players to engage within the organization.

  • SCVNGR is a geolocation-based mobile gaming device that sends players where they will complete challenges to ultimately gain rewards like free gifts or discounts.

My excitement for this project could hardly be contained. Immediately, I had millions of ideas rushing through my head.

Why? Because, media has the ability to affect every aspect of organizations, choices and lives. I could revitalize an organization using SCVNGR to gain experience and make a difference.  While at the Manship School of Mass Communication, I plan to continue to master and garner the important skills necessary to enhance and shape myself.

Participating in this serving-learning course will not only prepare me for future professions, but it will propel my abilities and experiences. I hope to create strong powerful networking references through this project and course.

I have several ideas of nonprofit organizations that I would like to represent or work for through the SCVNGR grant:

  • BREC: It is a wonderful organization that serves plenty of citizens throughout the Eastern Baton Rouge area.
  • YelpBR: It is an animal wellness organization that plans to end euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals.
  • Women’s Council of Greater Baton Rouge: It is a resourceful organization that strives to connect and empower women.
  • Rocket Kidz Foundation: It’s a fighting child obesity organization that tries to develop strong kids.

The true advantage to working with a nonprofit organization is that it provides us with an easy to pitch opportunity. Our class and I are pitching a free application that cost thousands of dollars for other organizations.

Once groups were formed, I became the account liaison, and we created a public relation firm called Rouge. Our business will work throughout the semester providing many other public relations services to expand the media attention of the organization. We will produce:

  • Media Kits;
  • Social Media Release;
  • Short Teaser;
  • Blog;
  • Feature Releases;
  • YouTube broadcasted final presentation.

Rouge Public Relations will diligently do our part to ensure our partnership reaches the widest audiences. With periodical meetings throughout the semester, we will evaluate and tweak our plans to create a successful program.

More to come: Pitch to a nonprofit organization; Beginning stages of SCVNGR and our marketing plan!

For more about me feel free to visit my Facebook, Twitter, or Linked-in Profiles.


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