You Haven’t Lived Until Cayoning!

LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND: Arrival: We got to Lucerne quite late. It was the longest one of the trip, but it really wasn’t too terrible. I found that it flew by. When we arrived I thought it was like 2pm and turned out it was 8pm. It doesn’t get dark in any of these countries till at … Continue reading

Bonjour, Parlez-Vous Anglais?

PARIS, FRANCE: With myself being fully recuperated and relaxed after my Amsterdam visit; I was ready to hit the ground running when it came to Paris. Arrival: It was a good 6 hour bus ride, but we made a 2 hour break in Brussels, Belgium so that we could buy some chocolates and a few … Continue reading

It’s not just weed and prostitutes!

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS: Arrival: The overnight ferry was quite interesting. I had never been on a cruise, and it was my mini-experience. I am not sure if I would enjoy a cruise, because with Dramamine I could still feel the wave movement and wasn’t feeling too well because of it. We bus 2 hours from the … Continue reading

Olympics, The Queen, and Big Ben O my!

LONDON, ENGLAND:  I know. I know. Wow this girl hasn’t posted in a while, but like I said in the introduction, “I won’t be revolving my trip around blogging.” We already had one guy call the LA girls wifi-whores because everywhere we stop they are searching for wi-fi! Ha But on my 7 hour bus … Continue reading

And that is all folks

The End. El fin. Die Ende. Sfarsit. We have reached the finish line. We at Rouge Public Relations set our goals, accomplished them and even had a little fun doing it. It definitely was a trek (pun intended). I have spent more than a hundred hours on executing our mini-campaign, and I am thankful for … Continue reading

Rolling out our mini campaign with BREC

SCVNGR within BREC (update) Friday, March 23, Rouge Public Relations will be meeting with BREC’s Director of Communications Kristi Williams to review our plan for the treks and the deliverables. With our treks pretty much designed and awaiting affirmation at Friday’s meeting, Rouge Public Relations now must begin creating our deliverables. These deliverables will coincide with … Continue reading